Great Blender for Green Smoothies

Hamilton Beach Wave Maker Blender 56221

The Wave Maker Blender 56221 is one of the latest models made by Hamilton Beach. I bought this blender three weeks ago to accompany my daily routine of making my Glowing Green Smoothie (see post below). I needed a new blender that could crush ice regularly without ruining the blades. I’ve been using this blender everyday (sometimes twice a day) to make my smoothies (primarily made with frozen fruits, ice cubes and spinach) and here is how this blender has fared so far:


  • Crushes ice and frozen fruits easily.
  • Easy clean-up touch pad buttons (AWESOME!)
  • “Wave Action” system really “pulls down” the ingredients (with 700 watts of power).
  • Creates an even consistency and smooth mixture every time.
  • Has a preset “SMOOTHIE” button function.
  • Storage under the blender to hide away cord.
  • Sturdy die-cast metal base.
  • Large glass jar, 40 ounces, dishwasher safe.


  • LOUD! (Think of the highest setting on your blow dryer times two!)
  • The lid on the blender sometimes shifts when you’re making a large batch, so be sure to always closely monitor the blender while operating.
  • More expensive than the average blender. This blender runs about $60-$70.

Notes: Just a tip, I place the ice cubes first in the blender, before any other ingredients. The ice cubes crush more evenly this way.

You might also like this other blender: Hamilton Beach 50235 Wave Maker 10-Speed Blender. This one worked as well for my smoothies, but I prefer the “smoothie” setting and touch pad buttons on the 56221 model because it cleans up so easily!


  • Do any of you have the Vita-Mix blenders?
  • How do you like the Vita-Mix blenders compared to the regular blenders? Are they really that much better?

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2 thoughts on “Great Blender for Green Smoothies

    • Rachel!!! Thank you so much : ) I am completely flattered (and surprised), as this is only my second week of blogging! I am so happy that you enjoy reading my stories. I hope you find as much value in my writings as I find in yours. It means a lot that you like my blog because yours is so impressive! I really love all the motivational quotes you so thoughtfully include in every post. Thank you again. It means a great deal to me Rachel. You’ve made my week!

      What a lovely “early” birthday gift : )

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