Mommy’s Wellness To Do List

Hi friends!

In my efforts to focus more on self-improvement and self-nurturing, I’ve compiled the “Wellness To Do List” below.

The list is separated into different time frames, and highlights the things I need to do regularly in order to fulfill my physical and spiritual needs as an individual (not just as a mother or wife).

Get at least 6 hours of sleep (8 if I’m lucky!)
Eat healthy and balanced meals
Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water
Take my prenatal vitamins and Omega 3 (Nordic Naturals are the best!)
Go outside for some fresh air
Get some quiet alone time (morning coffee)
Relax with some reading time (even for just ten minutes)
Do a daily journal entry for self-reflection time
Spend quality time with Randy
Meditate and count my blessings
Pray to God – offer to Him the hopes and dreams in my heart
Listen to God’s guidance

Take a relaxing walk as a family
Do a yoga session at least 3 times a week
Take a break, get out of the house by myself!
Organize bills and paperwork
Deep clean our home
Talk and catch up with a loved one

Add a FUN event on our family calendar
Get a manicure and pedicure
Try a new restaurant
Buy something for myself
Discover a new museum or park or store
Shop at Sprouts (Farmer’s Market)

Have a WONDERFUL birthday celebration (COMING UP ON 4/18!)
Enjoy a nice vacation
Get a new hairstyle
Minimize closets and donate (twice a year)
Take an online course for self-development
Commit to a body cleanse

I’ve been referring to this list for the past two weeks and truly, it has already changed my life in so many positive ways. My Mommy’s “Wellness List” is a positive reminder that I need to be a part of my TO DO LIST as well!

Ever since my husband and I decided (unexpectedly) that we wanted to have another baby (this topic deserves its own post, so come back for it!), I’ve been compelled and inspired to do really great things for myself. I want to prepare my mind and body for the next baby to grow inside me. So I started practicing yoga again and I now make healthier choices with my food. I made an overall commitment to take better care of myself. Creating Mama Bear Matters has been a HUGE part of this lifestyle change, as I strive to be a healthier, happier, and stronger woman.

I invite you readers to do the same thing. Take a few minutes of self-reflection and compile your very own “WELLNESS LIST”.

Breaking it down into a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly list makes it an easier list to follow.

Really, this is a wonderful self-honoring activity. I hope you make one for yourself too!


  • What will you include on your Wellness List?

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