Take a BIG deep breath of FRESH AIR!

I make it a point for my son Evan and I to step outside and get some fresh air everyday.

Every morning we go outside to get our daily dose of fresh and clean air. As soon as he finishes breakfast, he quickly gets his shoes and socks, points to our backyard, and says with excitement, “Mommy, ou’ side! ou’side!”

Evan loves being outdoors. He enjoys watering the plants, running around the lawn, counting the airplanes passing overhead, picking flowers, pointing at the clouds, singing along with the birds, finding ladybugs in the grass, and splashing the trickling water from the hose.

As a family making ends meet on only one income, it’s important for us to offer our son inexpensive activities that he can still enjoy. I would rather that he gets in touch with nature anyway, rather than be too occupied with video games and toys. Here is an interesting article I read about some of the reasons why kids need fresh air.

Being outside doesn’t only benefit my son, I enjoy spending time outdoors just as much. Actually, I need to get some outside time everyday, otherwise, I’ll go bat crazy :  / I notice that whenever I don’t get enough time outside, I feel anxious and irritable. I’m also more prone to headaches, fatigue and exhaustion. Do you ever experience the same symptoms whenever you stay too long indoors?

That’s why being outdoors is such an important part of my WELLNESS. Getting fresh air helps refresh my mind, it improves my focus and concentration and helps me think more clearly. It also soothes my nerves, especially when I feel stressed. After a nice walk outside, I always feel more relaxed and more re-energized.

I encourage you Mommies to also get outside regularly for some fresh air everyday. I know as a stay at home mom, it’s easy to get caught up with all the household chores and the busy schedule from taking care of the kids. Before you know it, it’s 3 pm, and you’re still in your pajamas (I’ve had many days like that!) But I really make an effort to get outside everyday, weather permitting of course. Something as simple (and free) as fresh air can really improve your mood and your overall well-being!

Here are some other simple ways that you and your family can get more fresh air:

  • Take a walk after lunch or dinner (This will help you digest your food better).
  • Pack your food, pick a shady spot and have a picnic. (Don’t forget the music!)
  • Ride your bike by the water (Doesn’t being by the water always feel more relaxing?)
  • Place some fresh plants in your home (It will help improve the air quality inside).
  • Exercise outdoors (Jump rope or do a yoga session outside).
  • Drive with the windows down (Even open the sunroof!)

So get outside Mommies! Take a break from being in the house all day and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones outdoors. Being outside is fun for the kids and good for you too!


  • What outdoor activities do you and your family enjoy?
  • How do you feel when you spend too much time indoors and you don’t get enough fresh air?

Share your story, your story matters.

2 thoughts on “Take a BIG deep breath of FRESH AIR!

  1. Hi Rachel. So true, even when I worked outside the home, I probably still didn’t spend enough time enjoying the outdoors. I’m so thankful that I don’t have to be inside an office all day with all that stale air : /

  2. your son is so cute!
    Good for you for making it a point and habit to go outside.. after all, that is our world..we too often live indoors, from home to car to office.. these enclosures keep us locked up not allowing us to get the proper fresh air we need and deserve.
    If i’m inside for too long I get very tired.. coming in from a walk I feel so alive!

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