A Fantastic 32nd Birthday

To My Amazing Wife, Khristine:

First let me wish you a wonderful and blessed birthday! I pray that you have a beautiful and memorable celebration with me and Evan. I also hope that this day brings you happiness, because you deserve it.

Thank you. There are thousands of things I can thank you for, but I am especially grateful for you as a wife and as the mother to our son. When we first had Evan, I had no idea how we would learn to raise a child, but day after day you prove to me that we’re doing a great job – you make life a beautiful experience for all of us.

I pray that in the next year, you continue to find inspiration in the simple life that we have. Evan loves you more than the world, and I love you in the same capacity.

God bless you and your SAHM dreams, God bless your health and happiness, and God bless you with many, many years to come.

I love you!

Happy Birthday,
Your Husband Randy

Thank you to my husband Randy and my son Evan for giving me such a lovely birthday morning. My life is rich because of you.

“There are two ways of spreading light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  – Edith Wharton


  • How does your partner express gratitude for your role as a stay at home mom?
  • In what ways does your family support your “SAHM dreams”

Share your story, your story matters.

3 thoughts on “A Fantastic 32nd Birthday

  1. Im glad you had an awesome birthday on your april birthday… im so glad that you are happy – will talk to you soon when the craziness dies down.. im hoping that i can ask anna to come with me on labor day weekend. love you and again happy birthday!

  2. AH. These pictures are great, and your husband seems like quite a guy. 🙂

    Just stopped by from rayannsom’s site to say hi, and see what’s happing on your blog. Not much time now, but I’ll swing by soon to look at more.

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