Let Me Play

This is a poster of my son Evan.

Okay, okay… it’s not really Evan in the picture, but the poster description fits him perfectly.

Oh, and by the way, he’s not even 2 yet!

I wonder what Evan will be like when he’s 3. Wow.

My son is very active and adventurous. Sometimes, I honestly have a tough time holding up to all his energy. Thursday afternoon was a particularly difficult day. Evan tested my patience as he “played” for hours by doing dangerous leaps, dizzying spins and defying gravity stunts.

I often want to pull my hair out and say, “Evan, can’t you just sit still?!?”

But then I think of a lady that I met once at a laundrymat who humbly reminded me, “Let’s not ever wish our children to just “sit still”… so many young children are bound in a hospital bed or a wheelchair… we ought to feel blessed and celebrate that our “adventurous” children are ABLE to walk and run and move around freely.

That conversation always humbles me and puts my complaints in clearer perspective. Whenever I feel crazed and frazzled from my son’s rambunctious ways, I am quickly reminded of the lady at the laundrymat’s wise advice.

Although running around after Evan is challenging and oftentimes frazzling, I have to bear in mind that I am truly lucky and I should be grateful that my son is even healthy enough to run around and be active.

Instead of sighing with desperation and exhaustion, I take a deep breath of appreciation for my wild and adventurous and wonderful son.

3 thoughts on “Let Me Play

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I always try to remind myself how lucky we are that our little girl is healthy. And I am very thankful for it, too. Yet I am still completely and utterly exhausted each and every night and can’t help but wish for some quiet, lazy days. But you know what, I always prefer being exhausted because she is “too” active instead of being exhausted from worry about her health. 🙂

    • I understand and commiserate with your physical and emotional exhaustion…. And I must note, just because we admit that we’re exhausted from having such a “spirited” child, it doesn’t mean were any less grateful.

      Sidenote … Have you read “Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, Energetic” (by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka)?

      • Absolutely, we are definitely not less grateful. It just might seem like it from time to time. But I love Livi just the way she is, always.

        Yes, I read her book as well as Dr. Sear’s “The Fussy Baby Book.” At the moment, I am reading Mary Sheedy Kurcinka’s “Sleepless in America,” which I can also recommend. 🙂

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