Stickin’ It Out

Recently Randy and I have been battling deep anxieties about determining the next “big step” in our lives.

Although Randy is dedicated to working with at risk youths for a non-profit organization, he is eager to work in his field of study, IT Management. He would love to find another job in IT, but we know how difficult it is in this recessive economy to land a job, and it’s even more challenging to switch careers.

For me, being a stay at home mom living in a small studio has slowly taken its toll on me and Evan. We often find ourselves feeling so confined in our small home, also because we don’t have a second car to get us out of the house. The restrictions of living in such a small space for me and my growing energetic toddler becomes more difficult every month.

There’s only so much freedom playing in the backyard or a walk around the neighborhood can give you.

If we reveal the dreams in our hearts, you will see that our family’s goals are for Randy to work in an IT department, to move out of California, and to settle our family in Colorado, where the lifestyle is slower and the cost of living is more affordable.

However, we understand that it’s just not logistically reasonable to uproot our family at this time.

My husband initially thought of looking for another job now, but that would mean he would be competing with all the recent college graduates who are willing to accept jobs for lower pay.

Also, my biggest concern is that even if Randy could land a job, even in his desired field in IT, there would be a lapse in our coverage as he waits a few months to qualify for health benefits for our family.

After hours of heartfelt discussions, we ultimately decided that although our hearts are eager to move out of San Diego to relocate to Colorado, the most responsible move is for us to wait.

We have to wait for a better time to move. When Randy finishes his IT degree with CSU Global in a year and a half, or even maybe before that, when he has acquired a couple of IT certifications, we will surely be better equipped to face a job search, a career change, and an interstate relocation.

Randy and I in the end decided that retaining our family’s health insurance is more important than his desire to change careers and my desire to live in a less confining house. Especially because we’re trying to get pregnant again, protecting our health insurance is inarguably our bigger priority.

In the meantime, as we wait another year for our lives to transform, we continue to have faith that God has prepared a wonderful life ahead of us. We know it won’t be easy, and our patience and understanding will have to be rigorously tested daily, but we choose to believe that a better life is possible for us sooner than later.

We have to just believe, support each other, count our blessings, continue to work hard, be patient, and always, always trust in the Lord that He will never forsake us.

Like my good friend Rowena advised, “Have faith in the Almighty. He watches out for you, your friends and your family.”

We may not be at our desired destination, but every day that we work hard for our family continues to be a step in the right direction.


  • What are some of your family’s life goals that had to be put on hold for better timing?

Share your story, your story matters.

6 thoughts on “Stickin’ It Out

  1. A big move is hard. We moved to CO 2 1/2 years ago for a job (hubby is in IT too). The market out here is competitive, but strong. There are lots of larger companies, so there are many different options. For his company, health insurance started on the 1st of the month following his start (so he started on 11/27 and benefits kicked in 12/1). All except vacation/sick time, for that he has to wait 3 months, which was no big deal, since we were not taking a vacation right after moving! It does help to have a degree or the certifications, but if he is really interested in IT jobs, have him look at, which is an IT recruiting site. He could at least get a feel for what is out there, what qualifications he needs, etc. When benefits start really varies from company to company and sometimes can be negotiated. Good luck!

    • Genny, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments! I will definitely relay the job search website to my husband. Great suggestion on “getting a feel” for the job requirements… That’s a really helpful tip, especially bc he’s changing fields.

      It’s encouraging to know that there are jobs there where health benefits kick in so soon.

      How do you and your family like Colorado? We really like Colorado Springs.

      • We love Colorado! We are from the midwest originally and thought there would be a huge culture shock and really there wasn’t. There is so much to do. Parks, trails for walking, etc. Not to mention the beautiful views daily. The cost of living is pretty comparable to the midwest ,though probably a bit cheaper than CA. We are in the Denver area, since this is where hubby got his job and it is awesome. Colorado Spring is just beautiful too 🙂

      • Genny, I can’t articulate how encouraging you’ve been, thank you so much.

        You’ve reminded us that my husband going back to school to get an IT degree and our plans to move to Colorado in 2014 are all steps in the right direction. We truly feel that we are following our life’s authentic paths. Even though we face delays and fears of the unknown, it feels great to be chasing our dreams!

        My husband is also thankful for your guidance. He looked at per your kind suggestion and it was really helpful! IT Security resonated with his interests the most and he hopes to find an internship soon to get his experience going.

        Congratulations on a successful relocation! Seems like Colorado is really great for families with small children.

        God willing, we will raise our little one(s) there as well : ) We’re gonna work hard every day until we get there Genny!

        Thanks again. Blessings to you!

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