Fumigation and Out of Town Relatives

Recently, our house had to be unexpectedly fumigated due to drywall termites.

We had to pack up and leave our home for 4 days and stay with my in-laws. As a result of being suddenly uprooted, Evan’s sleeping and eating schedules were completely thrown off. Staying with his cousins in a much larger home made him so excited, he refused to eat and sleep as usual. All he wanted to do was romp around and play. There were many (too many) nights when we didn’t get rest until midnight.

Once the fumigation was finished, we had to take careful steps to ensure that our home was safe for re-entry. We had to reload all our food items back in the house, deep clean our carpets, wipe down all surfaces including all the walls, launder all curtains and beddings, and most important, we had to thoroughly wash and rinse all our food wares (utensils, bowls, plates, cups, etc.) before re-using them again.

I was unnerved by all the noxious chemicals to which our home was exposed. Although the fumigators insisted that it was safe to inhabit our home, in order to have peace of mind, Randy and I still had to carefully clean everything before we could feel comfortable about being home again, especially with our toddler.

The whole fumigation experience was a huge pain, and in addition to all of this, I had a large group of family members visit us from Texas around the same time. The timing couldn’t have been worse of course, but their trip was already planned months ago. So since we had no idea that this fumigation madness had to take place so quickly, we just had to roll with the punches.

On a positive note though, Evan enjoyed spending time with Randy’s family while we stayed at their house. We were also really happy that we got to spend so much time with my own family from Texas while they visited San Diego.

Spending time with relatives can sometimes be exhausting, but it can also be ironically renewing.

I’m just so relieved we got through the last few weeks. Randy and Evan and I are so grateful to be home together. I’m thankful we’ve reclaimed our privacy and our ability to set our own schedules once again.

We’re relishing being back home and we’re embracing the comforts of our home’s familiarity.

We plan to spend the next few weeks with just the three of us re-connecting with one another.

Oh and I’ve really missed blogging! I’m looking forward to re-connecting with all of you and catching up with your life stories as well.

How have you been?

Tired but inspired,
Khristine Anne


  • How have you managed the stress of having to be unexpectedly displaced from your home?

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