Must Have Items from Target: Part 1


I love all of Target’s Method cleaning products because they clean so effectively without the harsh chemical smell of other popular cleaners. Method has non-abrasive cleaning products for counter tops, wood, hardwood floors, bathroom (tub, tile and shower), dish/hand soap, detergent and many more!


My absolute favorite Method product is the Method Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner shown above.


This all purpose cleaner eliminates dust and cuts through dirt, grease and grime so impressively! For deep cleaning, let the product sit for about 5 minutes and the cleaner will soften and dissolve even the toughest grease and grime. Your counter tops and stove tops will shine! After spraying, this product wipes off clean, smear-free and streak-free.

The consistency of this all-purpose cleaner is thin, watery and it doesn’t leave a filmy residue, unlike many abrasive cleaners.


Ditch those harsh cleaning products like Windex, 409, and Fantastik! Method Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner is all you need : ) You can still have that “clean” feel and smell in your home without all the harmful chemicals!

I felt comfortable cleaning with Method products all through my pregnancy. Even now with my 20 month old toddler touching and climbing on everything, I feel confident that I don’t have to expose my family to all those harsh cleaning products that wreak of heavy chemical fumes and noxious toxins.

Cook’s Illustrated (Published January 1, 2012) reviewed several cleaning products and Method’s All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner was on top of their list!


If you don’t like the grapefruit’s citrus scent, you can try Method’s Cucumber or French Lavender all purpose cleaner. You can also dilute the cleaner to temper the scent if the fragrance really bothers you.


A 28 ounce spray bottle of this item costs about $3 to $4 at Target. You can also buy it in bulk on Amazon. Don’t forget to regularly check Target’s coupon website!


  • What are your favorite non-abrasive cleaning products?
  • Do you have a favorite Method product?

Share your story, your story matters.

Stay tuned for Must Have Items from Target: Part 2.