Family Prayer to St. Joseph


St. Joseph, strengthen in our family

every bond of love which unites us –

the marriage bond,

the love of parent and child,

the bonds of mutual love between all.

St. Joseph, protect our family

from every danger and from every threat.

Grant us peace, unity and harmony within.

St. Joseph, teach us to be

kind and loving towards one another,

careful for one another,

tolerant of one another,

forgiving towards one another.

St. Joseph, may gratitude for our blessings

and joy in each other

abound in our house,

as we seek faithfully

to serve and love our Almighty God.

St. Joseph, be a father towards this family of ours,

and pray for Mary to be a mother to us. Amen.

Praying is an important daily ritual for me, Randy and Evan. Every time we say grace before our meals or when we recite this prayer at night before we sleep, we feel closer to God and to one another.

When we offer our problems and thankfulness to God as a family, we always feel more at peace. Praying definitely helps us reconnect with each other, especially after a stressful day.

Whatever your belief system is or religious practice may be, I believe that many families share the same sentiment of this prayer.

I’m curious to know how you and your family find ways to reconnect with one another.


  • What activities or traditions do you and your family share (religious or non-religious) to help you bond and reconnect with each other?

Share your story, your story matters.