Other Readings for SAHM

Hi fellow Mama Bears!

"Mommy Panda" from justscraps.ca

Here are some additional readings I found online that I thought might be interesting to you.

  • Excerpt: Staying home could be for you if you’re convinced that you’re the best person to care for your child, your financial situation allows your family to survive on one income, and you’re willing to make the necessary emotional and financial sacrifices. You’ll have the joy and satisfaction of being there for your child as she grows and develops, and your child will benefit from your loving, attentive care.”

Read more from this article that reviews the various factors involved in a parent’s decision to stay home: Stay-at-home parents: Overview

  • Excerpt: “Lighten up and have fun. Children are a ton of work, but they are also loads of fun. Don’t allow yourself to get so overwhelmed by the work that you forget to enjoy your children. Watch how they have fun and join in – they’ll love having mom share in their games, coming down to their level.”

Get more tips on How to Enjoy Being a Stay at Home Mom

  • Excerpt: “In many ways it’s just so joyful and rewarding to have this small person that you take home from the hospital and have them really grow into a full human being with your help. I think it’s enormously satisfying. There are days, of course, that are just absolutely wonderful, playful, delightful days with your children. There are other days you are all driving each other completely crazy. The big picture is what a privilege to be able to be there to really shape your child’s life.

Get more and listen to this very helpful podcast (transcript included):  Being A Stay-At-Home Mom: How To Make It Work

If you would like to contribute other articles or podcasts that could help stay at home moms, please email me (mamabearmatters@gmail.com) so I can add the links to the Resources for SAHM section. Thank you so much!

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